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BMI Calculator Tool

Body Mass Index (BMI) is one of the best tools to help you quickly understand how your body weight lines up against the standard measure of body mass. This tool can be incredibly helpful to understand if you are one of the members of our world that is in the quickly bulging (pun intended) group of overweight and obese people. Obesity is a globabl epidemic that has significant impacts to our world and those who are within that can suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even more. Our fast running calculators can help you with knowing all that’s going on in your life. We’ve created a fantastic suite of health and fitness calculators to help you with all of your needs.

BMI Calculator – Background and summary


A BMI Calculator or Body Mass Index calculator is a tool that helps you understand whether your weight is healthy according to your height. It uses a mathematical formula to calculate the relationship between a person’s weight and height and categorize it into underweight, healthy weight, overweight, or obese.

Quick summary

  • A BMI Calculator uses a formula to determine whether your weight is healthy for your height.
  • It’s a useful tool for personal wellness and nutrition planning.
  • Knowing one’s BMI can help prevent health issues related to weight and obesity.

History of Measuring BMI Calculation

The concept of BMI was introduced in the 19th century by a Belgian mathematician and sociologist, Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet. It was later adopted in the 20th century as an efficient, simple, and cost-effective method to assess a person’s body weight in relation to their height.

The Link Between BMI Calculation and Health

BMI is a reliable estimate to understand if an individual’s weight could lead to health problems. A high BMI can be indicative of high body fatness, which can increase the likelihood of certain diseases and health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Conversely, a low BMI may indicate insufficient nutrition and related health issues.

Understanding your BMI can play a significant role in identifying potential health risks and working towards maintaining a healthy weight.

Common Reasons to Calculate BMI

Calculating BMI is an easy way to gauge if your weight is healthy. Here are a few reasons why people may choose to calculate their BMI:

  • To track weight and health progress during weight loss or fitness regimes.
  • Medical professionals often use BMI to identify potential health risks.
  • It is used in strategic planning of public health.
  • It is a simple, quick and noninvasive method of understanding body health.

Do You Know?

  1. The World Health Organisation classified obesity as a global epidemic in 1997.
  2. A person is categorised as underweight if their BMI is less than 18.5, normal weight when BMI is 18.5 to 22.9, overweight if it’s 23 to 24.9, and obese when BMI is 25 and above.
  3. The highest BMI ever recorded was 204 – a value far beyond the threshold of obesity.
  4. While BMI is a helpful tool, it doesn’t consider muscle mass, which can result in a high BMI in athletes despite healthy body fat levels.
  5. The global average BMI for men in 2021 is 24.9, whereas for women, it is 24.8.

Remember, while BMI is a useful tool, it’s one of many factors that determine overall health. If you’re worried about your BMI, always reach out to a healthcare professional.

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