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IQ Percentile Calculator


The IQ Percentile Calculator is an effective tool that aids in determining the intelligence quotient (IQ) of an individual. Based on standardized tests, the results demonstrate where a person’s cognitive abilities lie in comparison to the rest of the population.

Quick summary

  • An IQ Percentile Calculator measures a person’s IQ.
  • IQ tests provide insight into a person’s cognitive abilities compared to the rest of the population.

History of Measuring IQ

The process of measuring IQ started in the early 20th century by psychologist Alfred Binet. He was commissioned by the French government to develop a method to identify students who required educational assistance. Thus, the first intelligence scales were born, commonly known as Binet-Simon scale. Modern adaptions of this scale are still in use today.

History of Measuring Intelligence

The concept of measuring intelligence dates back to early civilization, where societies used different methods to assess human capability and aptitude. However, the scientific approach to measuring intelligence started in the late 1800s with British scientist, Francis Galton. His focus was mostly on reaction times and sensory acuity, which laid the groundwork for modern intelligence testing.

The Link Between IQ and Measuring Intelligence

IQ, effectively being a measure of intelligence, has been at the helm of intelligence testing. Being largely derived from the individual’s problem-solving abilities, reasoning, and comprehension skills, IQ scores offer a mathematical representation of a person’s cognitive prowess. Therefore, an accurate measurement of IQ is considered a reliable proxy for intelligence.

Understanding IQ and measuring intelligence is important in daily life as it helps in academic placement, job recruitment, and understanding one’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Common Reasons to Measure IQ

Measuring one’s IQ often serves numerous purposes. These include:

  • Identifying Learning Disabilities: It aids in identifying any learning disabilities in students, thereby providing them with necessary support.
  • Recruitment Processes: Some organizations use it in their recruitment process to find the most suitable candidate.
  • Academic Research: It’s often used in academic research to study intelligence and how it impacts various aspects of life.

Do You Know?

  • The average IQ score is set at 100, with 68% of people scoring between 85 and 115.
  • The highest recorded IQ score in the Guinness World Records is 228, held by Marilyn vos Savant.
  • Children’s IQ scores are more unstable than adults. They can drastically change over time.
  • IQ tests have been criticized for cultural bias in the questions used.
  • Certain life factors such as educational quality, nutrition and health can influence IQ scores.

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