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Are you building a staircase for the first time or do you need help getting the measurements right? Getting a stairway setup correctly can be a big set of complicated calculations, if you want to do it correctly. We know that and know that you may not have all of the calculations readily handy – that’s why we created our handy stairway calculator. With our straightforward three-step process, you’ll have your results in under five seconds. It will take you longer to make the measurements and decide what you want the design of the stairway to be, than it will to actually calculate all of the important measurements for it. Give it a try today! Head over to check out our other life tools for everyday tools to help you out!

Stair Calculator: Understanding the Importance and History of Measuring Stair Rise and Run Calculations


The world of construction introduces us to many different concepts that are important in the creation of safe and properly sized structures, one of them is the stair calculation. Stair calculation is the method of establishing the perfect rise and run of a stairway, a crucial measurement that ensures comfort and safety for stair users [Insert specific keyword here].

Quick Summary:

  • The importance of understanding stair rise and run calculations.
  • The historical approaches in measuring stair rise and run calculations.
  • How stair rise and run calculations relate to [Insert specific keyword here].
  • Reasons for calculating stair run measurements.

History of measuring Stair Rise and Run Calculations

The very first stair calculation methods trace their roots back to ancient times when buildings were starting to exceed one story in height. The method used to calculate the stair rise and run has greatly evolved since, yet the basic principles remain the same.

History of Measuring

Diving deeper into the history of measuring in general, it has always been an integral part of human civilization. From the very first sundials designed by our ancestors to the precise digital measurements of today, the ability to quantify dimensions has shaped our world as we know it.

Common Reasons to Calculate Stair Run

  • To ensure the safety of the people using the stairs
  • To comply with building regulation standards
  • To ensure the comfort of stair users
  • To meet specific design needs of a project

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