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Zippy Calc Key Benefits

  • FAST

    Optimized for SPEED. We pride ourselves on having FAST calculators available for you. We know you’ve got other important things to do and that’s why we’ve reduced all excess button clicks so you can be in, out, and on your way.


    No charge to you. We get paid and keep the lights on via our advertisers on the site (which we try to make as least intrusive as possible)


    Here’s a tidbit. We include stats and interesting facts alongside of each of our calculators. These may be helpful to you along your way and provide you an insight and link to a resource to help you on your way.


    Chose not to be boring. We’ve found that a lot of our competitors (yes, there are online calculator competitors, can you believe the world we live in) have very BORING websites. We’re not trying to be boring. We want you to have a chuckle.

Get your results as as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Select your calculator

Choose from any number of our calculators that can help you. We have health and fitness calculators, conversion calculators for everyday life, STEM calculators, as well as Unit conversions.


Provide your inputs

Each of our calculators and tools is customized for whatever your use case is. Simply open up the calculator, and provide the required inputs.

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Get your outputs!

Here is where the magic happens (seriously). We have built all of our calculators to provide INSTANT results. As soon as you provide your inputs, BAM, you are hit with your outputs. It’s JUST THAT EASY!

Everything you need to solve whatever life throws at you.

Whether you’re learning a new skill, trying to solve a DIY problem, cooking, looking to learn more about different STEM topics, trying to improve your health and fitness, we’ve got ALL of the calculators you may need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these calculators really free?

Yes – they are really free. Come back and use them all you’d like and even feel free to tell your friends about them. We keep the lights on via advertising from our friendly advertisers. We want you to really get your solution and be on your way.

How do you make these so fast?

We have optimized every bit of the website (from the time it loads) to the time each calculator loads to make your experience as ZIPPY as possible. We make it fast by using our dedicated development staff who expertly and routinely look at

Why are you missing {insert name here} calculator?

We’ve got to start somewhere – we’ve got plenty more calculators in the pipeline, but if you don’t see one that you’d like – feel free to use our contact us page to tell us about it!

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